Working with the EU

Applying for a job, traineeship or career with the European Union (EU) and in the European institutions? You want to participate and succeed in the EPSO selection tests and recruitment exams? You want to improve the effectiveness of the mangement, strategy and operations of your business, company or organisation?

Working with the EU? We are here for you!

We support you in three ways in the growth of your job and career with the EU and the development of your business or organisation:

  • CALIPA Career - We are specialised in European affairs and coach you in your search for a job, traineeship or career with the European Union institutions in Brussels. We make sure you pass the EPSO selection tests.
  • CALIPA Academy - We support your business and organisation by offering practical courses, seminars, and training and educational sessions on relevant economic topics and challenges in the European Union.
  • CALIPA Consultancy - We support your business and organisation when it comes to management and strategy. We advise you about the impact of current economic issues and challenges on your performance and profitability.

Working with the European Union? A job or traineeship in the EU institutions? A dream job in a vibrant international environment with attractive salary and working conditions? Many people dream about it, yet few succeed. The road towards a career with the EU institutions in Brussels is long and littered with obstacles. The difficult selection tests make that only the best candidates succeed and, unfortunately, they are just a small group...

We make sure that you are one of the top candidates. We help you with your application and make sure you pass the selection tests of the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO).

Thanks to us, you will have soon a job or traineeship in the EU institutions (European Commission, European Parliament and European Council). It doesn’t matter which prior education you had (secondary education, higher vocational or academic studies) or what kind of job you are looking for. There are concrete opportunities for all backgrounds and interests!

We help you when you aspire a job and career with the EU (European Commission, European Parliament and European Council) and guarantee success in the selection process of EPSO. We guide you through all phases of the selection process and give you all the tips and tricks you need to pass the selection tests. Thanks to our services and courses, you will be one of the few who effectively secure a job or traineeship with the EU.

We organise information and training sessions about jobs and traineeships with the EU and succeeding in the EPSO selection tests:

  • Information session “Working in the EU institutions” – Practical information session about working with the European Union (EU) and a job, traineeship and a career in the European institutions: all tips and answers to questions about working with the EU and applying for a traineeship or international career in the European institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, European Council, etc.). This session gives all tips and hints that are not available elsewhere.
  • Training session “Succeeding in EPSO competitions” – This training explains all EPSO selection tests in detail and offers all solution techniques that are needed to succeed in the selection tests. There are a lot of individual and group exercises with real tests and all solutions.
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CALIPA Academy

Can you still see the forest for the trees when you hear the umpteenth ominous news item about a new trade war, the unsteady future of the Euro, a new recession, growing unemployment, increasing tax rates, and other current economic issues and challenges?

Let alone your ability to estimate the impact of all this on your organisation and of everything else that we may have to deal with soon.

We develop courses, seminars, and training and educational sessions to keep you up to date with all economic developments in the European Union. We explain what the economic reality means for your business and your employees.

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CALIPA Consultancy

How can my organisation adapt to a fast evolving and high-tech society? What challenges do we face in this rapidly changing world? These are key questions for companies and organisations who look to the future.

We provide various coaching and consultancy services to companies and organisations that lead the way to the future and let them excel in the rapidly changing environment in which they operate.

Our advice has a direct and positive impact on your employees and the profitability of your business.

The advices, coaching and consultancy services we offer are based on different management methods and techniques and depend on the nature and complexity of your question or problem. Together with you, we will realise your wildest dreams when it comes to management, strategy and organisation.

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