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Can you still see the forest for the trees when you hear the umpteenth ominous news item about a new trade war, the unsteady future of the Euro, a new recession, growing unemployment, increasing tax rates, and other current economic issues and challenges?

Let alone your ability to estimate the impact of all this on your organisation and of everything else that we may have to deal with soon:

  • How can organisations protect themselves against a new trade war?
  • What will a new recession mean for our industry?
  • Are our fragile banks still a reliable partner?
  • Which new taxes can we expect?
  • Do robots and automation really threaten our jobs?
  • How are things going in Greece?
  • How big is our exposure if we are hit by a new crisis?

We develop courses, seminars, and training and educational sessions to keep you up to date with all economic developments in the European Union. We explain what the economic reality means for your business and your employees.

To provide concrete answers to these and other essential economic questions and issues, we offer various services at different levels:

BEGINNER | Basic support with specific courses and seminarskeyboard_arrow_down

We offer a large variety of courses and seminars on current economic themes. 

Our courses and seminars are highly interactive and do not intend to be a one-sided transfer of knowledge. They mainly focus on practical applications within the policy context of the European Union. Apart from that, the courses include a host of exercises, case studies, debate issues, and quizzes, either in groups or on an individual level.

This is an overview of the courses and seminars we currently offer for all officials working for the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Council, and other EU institutions and agencies:

  • General economics: what does the science of economics mean and why do we need it?
  • The financial-economic crisis and the future of the Euro: what lessons can we learn from the past, can we expect a new crisis and will the euro survive?
  • The European labour market and jobs of the future: what does the European labour market look like and will there still be jobs tomorrow?
  • European trade policy and trade wars: is it all a bluff or is a new trade war imminent?
  • Market failure and economic growth: who steers the economy and why do we keep focusing on growth?
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ADVANCED - EXPERT | Extensive and tailored support with advanced training and educational sessionskeyboard_arrow_down

We also offer training and educational sessions about current European economic topics for international diplomats, company managers and professional high-flyers from Belgium and abroad.

These training and educational sessions ensure that the participants are updated in an engaging way on the latest economic developments within the European Union and the rest of the world.

The training and educational sessions help professionals in their respective work areas and offer a complete and detailed overview of current issues and new policy intentions in the European Union. 

The Advanced/Expert training and educational sessions are often more complex than the courses offered under the pillar BEGINNER, and the participants are generally expected to have some economic background knowledge.

The training and educational sessions do not have an academic character but focus on practical applications in a concrete policy context. Furthermore, they are highly interactive and include a host of exercises, case studies, debate issues, and quizzes, either in groups or on an individual level.

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