CALIPA Coaching is a renowned coaching and consultancy agency, founded in Brussels, in the heart of the European Union (EU).

We are here for you!

CALIPA stands for successful and impactful coaching of your CAreer and LIfe PAth.

In today’s fast-evolving and changing society, personal career development and organisational growth are no longer self-evident.

We want to guarantee a successful growth of your professional career and your business in two ways:

Working in the EU institutions – We coach and guide people in their search for a job, traineeship and career with the European Union. We help you to apply for an EU job, traineeship or career in the EU institutions in Brussels and to succeed in the selection tests of the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO).

Management advice and consultancy – We offer specialised advise, coaching and consultancy for companies and other organisations that aim to excel in their growth and further development. We offer consultancy services on management, strategy and organisational development.

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What do we do?



We are specialised in European affairs and coach you in your search for a job, traineeship or career with the European Union institutions in Brussels. We make sure you pass the EPSO selection tests.


CALIPA Academy

We support your business and organisation by offering practical courses, seminars, and training and educational sessions on relevant economic topics and challenges in the European Union.


CALIPA Consultancy

We support your business and organisation when it comes to management and strategy. We advise you about the impact of current economic issues and challenges on your performance and profitability.

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